Cognionics, Inc. is a fast-growing company founded in 2010 and is dedicated to building innovative wireless physiological monitoring systems that can achieve high mobility without sacrificing signal quality to enable real-world applications. Some of our highlights and accomplishments include:

  • Designing the first flexible dry electrode (2012)
  • Building the highest density dry EEG system, HD-72 (2013)
  • Building the highest density wireless EEG cap, Mobile-72 (2014)
  • Building the world's first precision wireless EEG/ERP marker system (2014)
  • Building the lightest and fastest dry EEG headset, Quick-20 (2015)
  • Building the world's first, zero-adjustment, active electrode, actively shielded 30-channel EEG headset
  • Obtaining patent grants and patent applications covering our sensors, mechanics and electronics
  • Signing multiple licensing agreements to bring our sensors to the market in partner products
  • Establishing a world-wide user base of academic and commercial research laboratories

Our products range from 2 to 64-channel dry EEG systems supported by an array of accessories for auxiliary physiological inputs (ECG, EMG, EOG, GSR, PPG, motion and more).

Cognionics technology was developed with funding from:



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