Mobile-72 Wireless EEG System

The Mobile-72 is an ultra-portable high-density mobile EEG system. The entire system fits on a cap and weighs only 250 grams providing the ultimate level of subject freedom. The cap uses standard Ag/AgCl electrodes for high-quality EEG measurements.



With the Mobile-72, hardware size and weight are no longer limitations to conducting EEG research. The wearable system is suitable for studies involving unconstrained, full body movement or outside the laboratory in real-world settings.

  • Virtually no restrictions or limitations on subject's freedom to move
  • Portable EEG amplifier streams data and time markers wirelessly
  • Record to an onboard microSD card for long-term studies
  • Entire system fits on cap and weighs only 250 grams; no cords, loose wires or backpacks

Research-grade Signal Quality

The Mobile-72 is based around the same advanced electronics as our dry EEG headsets, including identical amplification and shielding technology. This offers an unparalleled level of signal quality in all environments and even under ambulatory conditions.

  • Active Ag/AgCl electrodes secured in cap, ensures highest signal quality even under subject motion
  • Immune to most electrical and mechanical artifacts
  • Up to 64 channels of EEG, 8-channels of auxiliary inputs for true high-density EEG
  • Real-time impedance check to guarantee adequate sensor contact and assist with rapid setup
  • 24-bit ADC, high-dynamic range inputs with flexible configuration of sample rates, bandwidth and channels


Like all Cognionics products, the Mobile-72 is designed to interface with all of the hardware and software tools necessary for advanced neuroscience research.


Channel Count         16, 24, 32 and 64 plus reference, ground, x-y-z motion
Extension Channels     8 optional analog inputs with add-on module for ECG/EMG/respiration/GSR, etc.
Sensor Type     Active Sintered Ag/AgCl Electrodes
Impedance Monitoring     Real-time with EEG acquisition
Bandwidth     0-131 Hz at 500 samples/sec, 0-262 Hz at 1,000 samples/sec
Sampling Rate     500 or 1000 samples/sec
Resolution     24 bits per sample
Noise     0.7 µV RMS from 1-50 Hz, shorted inputs
Wireless     Bluetooth, optimized for high speed
Storage     microSD and microSDHC
Motion Sensing     3-axis Accelerometer, each axis an additional channel
Power Supply     Lithium-ion, 6-hr Wireless, 10-hr SD Card
Triggering     Compatible with Cognionics wireless trigger
Weight     250 g including electronics and batteries

Demonstration Video

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