The Cognionics Miniature Data Acquisition System is a compact, portable and wireless EEG/ECG device based on the same electronics as our complete headset systems. Low-noise amplifiers and 24-bit digitizers (250, 500, 1000 samples/sec) ensure research grade signal quality. The system supports up to 8-channels (plus reference and ground) and is powered by a single AAA cell (4 hours wireless streaming, 8 hours microSD recording).

Multiple lead wire and system options are available

The systems are fully customizable with customer specified wire lengths, connectors (e.g., snap, DIN) and actively shielded leads. The system is compatible with our Drypad, Flex dry electrodes or standard wet electrodes. The small size of the system makes it easy to integrate with a standard or custom harness including lead wires, our dry EEG headbands and traditional wet EEG caps.

Data can be streamed using the onboard Bluetooth transmitter to our own software. We can also provide the raw data output format to develop custom applications on PCs, Macs and Android computers. An onboard microSD card slot also permits autonomous, long-term data storage.


Channel Count         1 to 8 plus reference and ground
Impedance Monitoring     Real-time with EEG acqusition
Input Dynamic Range     120 dB
Bandwidth     0-130 Hz, true DC coupling
Sampling Rate     500 Hz standard, 250 or 1000 Hz software configurable
Noise     0.7 µV RMS from 1-50 Hz, shorted inputs
Wireless     Bluetooth v4.0
Storage     microSD and microSDHC slot
Power Supply     Lithium-ion, 4 hours wireless, 8 hours microSD
Triggering     Compatible with Cognionics wireless trigger

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