Sleep Headband  

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Our sleep EEG headband is designed to be worn for long periods of time while still remaining comfortable. The Digital Acquisition Module rests on top of the subjects head and captures EEG signals, which are then displayed in real time in our Data Acquisition Software or recorded directly to a microSD card. The headset uses our Flex sensors and Drypad sensors, eliminating the need for any electrode gel. Alternatively, the headset supports the use of standard adhesive ECG electrodes. 

High Signal Quality

  • Active electrodes with snap connectors for flexible sensor options
  • 500 samples/sec with 24-bit resolution
  • Built-in wire management to minimize movement artifacts (and clutter)
  • Can use either Cognionics Drypad electrodes or standard adhesive ECG electrodes

Designed for Real-World, Sleep Monitoring

  • Raw unrestricted data access
  • On-board logging to removable microSD card
  • Standard file output formats: BDF, EDF, BrainVision Analyzer
  • 10+ hours of continuous operation

Comfortable and Customizable

  • Works with both Cognionics Flex sensors or standard adhesive ECG electrodes
  • Optional integration with ECG, EMG, EOG, respiration, SpO2 and other sensors
  • Adjustable to different head sizes
  • Top-of-head mounted electronics do not interfere with sleep
  • Soft, fabric materials, easy to wash and clean
  • Custom sensor positions available


Channel Count          6
Extension Channels     AIM accessory allows for 8 sensors such as ECG/EMG/respiration/GSR, etc.
Sensor Type     Active electrodes with snap connector
Impedance Monitoring     Real-time with EEG acquisition
Bandwidth     0-131 Hz at 500 samples/sec, 0-262 Hz at 1,000 samples/sec
Sampling Rate     500 or 1000 samples/sec
Resolution     24 bits per sample
Noise     0.7 µV RMS from 1-50 Hz, shorted inputs
Wireless     Bluetooth, optimized for high speed
Storage     microSD and microSDHC
Motion Sensing     3-axis Accelerometer, each axis an additional channel
Power Supply     10-hours microSD, 4-hours wireless
Triggering     Compatible with Cognionics wireless trigger
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