Dry Sleep EEG Headband 

Sleep System - Designed for Real-World Studies

Dry - Mobile - Wireless 

Fast Application, Comfortable and wearable

No Gels or CleanupConformable with minimal simple adjustments



MPB Examples


High Signal Quality

  • Active electrodes
  • 500 samples/sec with 24-bit resolution
  • Built-in wire management to minimize movement artifacts (and clutter)
  • Can use either Cognionics Drypad electrodes or standard adhesive ECG electrodes
Designed for Real-World, Sleep Monitoring
  • Raw unrestricted data access
  • On-board logging to removable microSD card
  • Standard file output formats: BDF, EDF, BrainVision Analyzer
  • 10+ hours of continuous operation
Comfortable and Customizable
  • Optional integration with ECG, EMG, EOG, respiration, SpO2 and other sensors
  • Adjustable to different head sizes
  • Top-of-head mounted electronics do not interfere with sleep
  • Soft, fabric materials, easy to wash and clean
  • Custom sensor positions available
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