Multi-Position Dry EEG Headband

The Cognionics Multi-position Headband is a designed to be a simple, flexible dry EEG experimental platform. The system is intended for use with our research grade Miniature Wireless EEG Data Acquisition System, Flex and Drypad sensors to provide low-noise, reliable dry electrode recordings.

The headband is fully reconfigurable for different experiments and applications. Sensors can be attached and moved to any of the 12 positions along the circumference of the headband to measure signals from the frontal, occipital and temporal regions. A highly elastic fabric ensure comfort, fit across a wide variety of head sizes and provides contact pressure for the dry electrodes.



Channel Count



Up to 8 channels plus reference and ground

Extension Channels



8 optional analog inputs with add-on module for ECG/EMG/respiration/GSR, etc.

Sensor Type



Active dry electrodes combined with active shielding

Impedance Monitoring



Real-time with EEG acquisition




0-131 Hz at 500 samples/sec, 0-262 Hz at 1,000 samples/sec

Sampling Rate



250, 500, or 1000 samples per second, software selectable




24 bits per sample




0.7 µV RMS from 1-50 Hz, shorted inputs

Data Interface



Bluetooth wireless, Isolated USB wired (optional)




microSD and microSDHC

Motion Sensing



3-axis Accelerometer, each axis an additional channel

Power Supply



Lithium-ion, 4-hr Wireless, 8-hr SD Card




Compatible with Cognionics wireless trigger

For detailed information regarding the electronics, please refer to the Miniature Wireless EEG Data Acquisition System

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