Quick-20 Dry EEG Headset

The Quick-20 is the latest in mobile EEG technology, offering an unmatched level of usability and signal quality to enable new research applications. With the Quick-20 system, EEG signals can be obtained on most subjects in just under one or two minutes. The headset, which supports the full 10-20 array, adapts to most older child and adult head sizes is easy to apply with a minimum of adjustments.

 Cognionics Quick-20 Dry EEG Headset

High Signal Quality

Measuring EEG signals in real-world environments is tough. Unlike a controlled laboratory environment, electrical noise from power lines, computers and other devices can easily overwhelm a conventional, unshielded EEG system. In addition, subject movements can also easily induce large amplitude electrical and physical noise to overwhelm the tiny EEG signal. To make real-world EEG acquisition, possible, the Quick-20 uses a highly optimized combination of sensors, mechanics and electronics to eliminate unwanted artifacts.

  • Combination of active electrodes and active shielding

  • Resistant against electrical and movement artifacts

  • Real-time measurement of sensor impedance

  • Research-quality EEG amplifier: 24-bit ADC, low-noise, high dynamic range inputs with flexible configuration of sample rates, bandwidth and channels

Fast, Easy and Mobile

The Quick-20 is a complete portable EEG system in a wearable, lightweight package. Data can easily be streamed wirelessly via Bluetooth or recorded to a microSD card.

  • Low-noise dry electrodes that require minimum prep and no clean-up

  • Fully wireless: no cords for data recording or triggering

  • Comfortable without any restrictions on subject movement

  • Lightweight and wearable


Like all Cognionics, the Quick-20 is designed to interface with all of the hardware and software tools necessary for advanced neuroscience research.


Channel Count         Full 10-20 EEG array (20-channels plus reference and ground), plus 2 optional referential lead wires
Extension Channels     8 optional analog inputs with add-on module for ECG/EMG/respiration/GSR, etc.
Sensor Type     Active dry electrodes with local active shielding
Impedance Monitoring     Real-time with EEG acquisition
Bandwidth     0-131 Hz at 500 samples/sec, 0-262 Hz at 1,000 samples/sec
Sampling Rate     500 or 1000 samples/sec
Resolution     24 bits per sample
Noise     0.7 µV RMS from 1-50 Hz, shorted inputs
Wireless     Bluetooth, optimized for high speed
Storage     microSD and microSDHC
Motion Sensing     3-axis Accelerometer, each axis an additional channel
Power Supply     Dual hot-swappable lithium ion batteries, 8-hours wireless, 16-hours microSD
Triggering     Compatible with Cognionics wireless trigger

Video Introduction

System Introduction

Using Neuroguide for Neurofeedback and QEEG (Old Model)

P300 Speller using OpenViBE

Channel Diagram


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