UniTrigger System

UniTrigger Diagram                     

Any serious EEG system needs the ability to send accurate and precise time markers for triggers and events. Although wireless systems enable mobility, accurate timing is difficult due to the inherent latency and jitter in wireless communications. This lack of accuracy is present in all standard wireless EEG solutions. The Cognionics UniTrigger system is created to accurately broadcast time markers with millisecond precision, resolving the issues of latency and jitter. Because the timing accuracy is guaranteed in hardware, there is no need for software or algorithmic timing compensation making experiments simple and reliable, just like a traditional wired setup.

The UniTrigger system is compatible with any EEG headset with a DB-25 connector running at 600hz and computer that can interface using DB-25. The receiver is battery powered, whereas the transmitter can be powered through microUSB or using a battery. 


Inputs         TTL and Pushbutton
TTL Connector     DB-25 parallel
Resolution     8-bits
Combined Timing Latency and Jitter (Standard)     Less than 2 ms
Trigger channel buffer size (optional)       26 samples
Update Rate     600 samples per second
Wireless Protocol     Proprietary 2.4 GHz
Range     10 meter typical
Power     via microUSB or AA battery
Battery Life     Up to 24 hours of run time



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